To My Shame (Poem)

​ Yet another winter night  When I was passing by a side road, I saw him again , Waking in lap of his sleeping mother, Freezing because of the blowing cold. In hope to survive one more night naked, After all day's work, which was still untold. I wish I could tell him The misery … Continue reading To My Shame (Poem)

Now that you are here (Poem)

 Now that you are here  Imprison me in your arms  I want to feel a lasting solitude  To keep my freezed soul warm.  Now that you are here Let me stare at your silent eyes Until they disappear in tranquility I don't want to feel the pain of goodbyes. Now that you are here Let … Continue reading Now that you are here (Poem)

Day Dreamer (Poem) 

Through restless nights and Piles of dusted pages  He used to swing between two lines. In hope for a reckless adventure Or a temporary fantasy may be  That could make his faded dream shine. Funny how he enjoyed His own company  Among a city full of  Crowded streets, They called him a daydreamer  Perhaps he … Continue reading Day Dreamer (Poem)