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Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Old time is still a flying,

And the same flower that smiles today

Tomorrow will be dying.

  Meet the person who believes in above lines by all his heart and follows the same in his life. ⬇⬇

MY Journey :-
Being a 21 year old future doctor who’s currently in his 3rd year of MBBS , I’ve had a huge chance to meet and explore people’s lives, something I’ve always loved to do. 
And in that journey, I’ve found out an exceptional view of looking at my chaotic life. A view called optimism ! 

That view literally changed my life and now I’m writing this blog to share my experience and philosophy towards our day to day lives to get the best out of anything that comes in way of our individual journeys.

Well, an honest confession .. 

Sorry folks, but english is not my first language. I’d learnt my first english letter at the age of 10 years in my 5th standard as I guess !! And I was used to get teased by my relatives and some english medium folks as I was a gujarati (my mothertongue) medium student and that was something that remained with me for a long time.

I still remember that I was rejected by a girl as I was not a scholar in english !! ( Yes, that type of people exist ) It was a big deal as a school student but whatever, here I am !! Writing all of poems and articles in the language in which I was weak a few years back ! And honestly , when people ask me, how ?? Even I can’t describe the process.

But it’s all connected to my inner craving for learning. I have these own records of mine.. 

  • I’ve learned my first song  on guitar after playing and exploring it for 10 hours straight.
  • I wrote my first article on my previous blog after seeing a friend’s blog  so that I can earn more respect and fame !! And that whole night I spent developing a website and writing my first short story , whole fucking night without a blink !!
  • My first poem which I wrote for an open mic poetry night was written in 30 minutes and 2 edits ! ( yes,in english !!) You can find video on my facebook account.
  • I learned swimming in 12 days. ( I was afraid of swimming once !!)
  • I got second highest marks in english subject in my 12th board exams in whole city.(surat)

Why a doctor is writing anyway ?

Here is the question of the millennium which was usually being asked to me in my early writing days. The simplest answer is ..

During my early college days, I tried to concentrate on one particular thing as others do as for example, to read academics a whole day or to gossip with friends to pass a boring day or to search avidly and chat with random girls to find out if my soulmate is still waiting there for me on a social media account !! (lol) 

But to my surprise, I was misfit for those usual stuff ! I discovered that I can’t stick to one particular personality for my whole life. I want to explore each and every thing that makes me feel alive and happy. I want to try and taste everything that looks and feels great.(wink!)

This hunger of learning and gathering knowledge lead me to a series of restless nights when I found my calling. And from that day to this day, I never stopped writing !!

So , a doctor, a writer, a poet , what more ?? 

Hilariously, even I don’t know what other stuff is hidden within me and craving for coming outside !! But I create my own poems, I create my own tunes on guitar according to that poem, then I feel nostalgic while playing it !! (Sigh) What a life it is !! And in future , I’m going to sing in front of my patients,too ! 😃 

Other than that , I’m learning and motivating my friends to learn and thrive ! 

I believe ..

The same hand that can cure a patient’s body by its surgical skills can also heal a person’s soul by its writing skills.

Interested in..

  • Books and girls 😜 ( I mean, what can be better than to have a pretty girl around you with a book in her hands !!) 
  • Travelling… because it’s all about exploring while expecting the unexpected ! 😍
  • Movies and TV shows ( Don’t even try to debate with me on game of thrones, friends, marvel movies, Leonardo de caprio, Robin Williamson and Shahrukh Khan 😎 )
  • TED talks ( Start a conversation on this if you are intellectual enough !!)
  • Poetry .. ( No explanation on this one, it’s my bae !)
  • Music (classic to rock, bollywood to hollywood, hiphop to jazz, Eminem to Arijit Singh, One direction to Maroon 5.. Music is a need for soul )
  • Literature (I mean, anything that feeds my brain !) 
  • Health and Fitness .. From theoretical to practical aspects, I know and have experienced a huge variety of fitness science and exercises. Being it strength training or weightlifting, Meditation to breathing exercises, HIIT to Tabata workouts, I’ve always been experimenting and lerning more and more in this field !! 

 What to look for in my blog .. 

  1. Motivation .. ( I love spreading positivity and optimism around myself and to those who need it like me.) 
  2. Poetry ..(My random thoughts and pieces of my work) 
  3. Short stories ( I will start this category as soon as possible !)
  4. Social talks ( Those topics that should be discussed out loud !!)
  5. Haiku (short jems of my imagination )

So, let we all explore ourselves through this platform and spread positive vibes.


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