A Poem about Poem

In a poem, 

I can be the man,

I dream of being someday.

Roaming in corners of a mind,

This journey is perdurable,

I wouldn’t wish for a stay !

In a poem,

I can feel the world,

My eyes haven’t seen yet,

Beyond the seventh heaven,

A breath seems full of life,

As I’ve just been resurrected,

To live a little more,

Believe me,

It feels infinite !

Copyrighted © 2017. Mihir Trada. All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “A Poem about Poem

  1. Heylo Mihir! The poem about poems was itself infinite times poetic as it took us through best parts of poems, one being the power of going places you have never been to or freedom or situations that have not seen reality but deserves to as we yearn for them to happen❤


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