To My Shame (Poem)

Yet another winter night 

When I was passing by a side road,

I saw him again ,

Waking in lap of his sleeping mother,

Freezing because of the blowing cold.

In hope to survive one more night naked,

After all day’s work, which was still untold.

I wish I could tell him

The misery I felt at that moment

Of not being able to react.

I wish I could have a magic wand

To give him a vibe of enduring warm

To make him smile once and forever 

To steal his agony of loneliness and tell

he’s got a brother in me,he needs whenever.

I wish I could be the light,

To guide him through the darkest of times

To ignite myself and be his fire,

To make him the food he used to desire.

I wish I could hold a little more

To play one of my childhood games 

I wish I could be able to do all of that 

But I couldn’t , To My Shame ! 

copyrighted ©2017,MihirTrada.

All Rights Reserved.



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