Pure Love ( Story ) 


With moist eyes he looked above at the sky as he felt a drop of water on his cheek. 

The sky was exhibiting the shades of light blue colour which was his favourite. He sat back comfortably on that bench as he felt that his long awaited speculation of feeling the first rain was going to be a certainty in a while. 

The flourished greenery of that place was one of the best things around there. That garden and especially that bench was very special to him. 

  As the time left in sunset was quite less , he made his mind to immerse himself into exploring the beauty of that place . He got a glimpse of a squirrel making its way out of that crowded garden. 

As his eyes chased down the squirrel, he noticed a couple submerged into each other abstracting themselves from the rest of the atmosphere. He almost lost in a deep thought as he got a flashback of things happened to him in last few months.

 He had that foggy picture of her deep down in his mind . Though it had been a month since that incident, he couldn’t forget that day . The day when she left him , the day when she broke all the promises she had made to him , the day when she made him cry for the first time in his life. He knew it was not her fault, the god deprived her from him. It was the worst day of his life when she left the world after diagnosed with a cancer. 

  He had that vague pictures of them being together, how they first met, their first date and how it ended with their first kiss, how they used to spend a quality time immersed in each other on the same bench , their long walks and silly talks, how she used to fight with him for the silliest reasons to get his attention and how he ended each of these fights with a tight hug full of warmth. 

He was sobbing , with watery eyes , with tears running rapidly down through his cheeks. He realised all the memories they had, all the moments they spent together were not going to be in his life again. He had accepted the wrath of god, and somehow made his mind to spend all of his life in her memories. Somehow he managed to control his tears dropping continuously after that flashback. He took a deep breather and tried to focus at the horizon to see the twilight which he used to see with her.

 Seeing towards the horizon, he felt little arms around his neck wrapping him from behind . Suddenly, he forgot all the things running in his mind . Though there was a lot of crowd, He felt a sudden tranquility around him. The calmness there was reminding him of something. 

Amid the roar of clouds and noise out there, he got a feeling of being wrapped in her arms, the same feeling he used to get every time she firmly holded his hands while hanging out . Though she left the world a long time ago, he felt a presence of her at that time. He knew it couldn’t be realistic , but he knew it was not accidental


A calm voice broke the silence. It was his daughter, their daughter, holding him from behind, making him feel the calmness  . She always promised him to give a gift he would remember for his entire life. And indeed, their daughter was her gift to him. Every time he looked at his daughter, it made him feel the  presence of her, telling him to always take care of her, making him to promise of being faithful to her and to her daughter.

 And this time also,  her love pulled him back from a ocean of gloom to the sky full of felicity. He knew it was her, in the shape of her daughter, making him realize the pure state of love. It was her love, the pure love , making him a fanatic one from a gloomy one.

 He stood up and wiped down his tears. Holding up her little princess in his hands , he gave a gentle kiss on her forehead. With a promise to always live for her happiness, he took the steps to his home.

Though it was darkness all around there , he could see the luminous rays of happiness showing him the way to his destiny.


Hello friends, this is my first try at story-writing.  If you’ve managed to read it fully somehow, then please let me know how you feel about this one !

Copyrights © 2017.All Rights Reserved.

35 thoughts on “Pure Love ( Story ) 

      1. Oh c’mon! The fact that you are trying to improve on your grammar and writing means that you are a committed writer. And trust me I can feel the change. (I have an OCD for grammar) So there is still room for improvement. But I know you will do it!
        At the end of the day, your thoughts are just yours and they are never going anywhere. Language is just a medium to put your point across.
        Keep it up! 😁

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      2. You’ve picked the right chord !! I am trying hard when in comes to grammar. And that’s because I was a gujarati medium student a few years back ! It’s only when I came in contact with lots of good books, I found out how lovely this language is ! By the way, you can point out my mistakes.. It will only give me more knowledge and experience 😃😀

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  1. So beautiful. I particularly love how you used her as opposed to their or his in that sentence “Holding up her little princess in his hands” to me it beautifully and powerfully marvel at the beauty of true love and all that I had just read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 👏👏👏 very nice, sir… This piece resonates within as its an emotion too real for me… When my daughter went home to god ; it was too difficult for this simple mind to fathom… But the tiny hand entwined around my finger reminding me of a love as pure as you mentioned… My oldest who was 2 at the time still needed me💕💕💕 the sun brought strength to tend to that love🤗🤗 funny, I still do my best to wake for that sunrise with a good cup of coffee🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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