Severus Snape – The Man Who Kept His Promise

As the valentine’s week is near to its end, I’ve been seeing a lot of memes created by my fellow frustrated single persons about their exes.

What catches the eye is for some reasons, they are valid as hell ! 

Yesterday was the promise day ! Promise , really !!? And for only one day !!???

What I saw yesterday is some couples sending pics about a promise written on them by some other persons ! They would simply send to each other and giggle after reading the promise as if they are going to follow them for the lifetime ! ( sorry if I hurt someone here, It’s only my opinion on what I’ve been seeing..) 

Eventually, I’ve read a haiku yesterday posted by a fellow blogger  sangbad which somehow raises my question. A part of it is like ..

He promised her for-

Ever….she looked at him

Does true promise exist ?

You can read that post here.

But whatever….what today’s couples are doing in name of relationships is not my problem but after seeing that, it reminded me of the greatest man of promise I’ve ever known – Professor Severus Snape.

Every book fanatic or cinemaholic might have seen or read about him atleast once ! And for the crazy bookoholic like me, in my childhood, there was nothing more adventurous than to binge read a lot of chapters of HP books or feel the magic through the same movie series.

Admit it, he was the most hated villain of magical world and for how long ?? It was the last book which made him the hero and took the curtain of mystery out of his character.. And from that day to this day, he is the hero of millions of people around the world, and the idol of every boy out there who’s willing to know what type of traits a true man should have …

He made a promise to his love of life,Lily Potter, that he would never tell anyone about his true love and keep protecting her son without wanting anything in return !

And he nailed the promise. He showed us how to be a man and die for your promise, your love !

He was vulnerable, kind, soft-hearted, but he never left a single mark of his true personality on his face…just for a promise he had made. Just take a look at this scene who made every single person in this world emotional and it still does the same everytime we read or see it  ..

He protected Harry from each and every curse ..( Remember that quidditch match in first movie !) even after knowing that all the students would think of him as a villain. 
And the first time he spoke about his promise and his crush was when he surpassed all the boundaries of loving someone..

After all this time…?” Dumbledor asked.

Always.” He said .

Now, you would tell me that it was a book only !! But isn’t it more trustworthy and real than actual reality we see nowadays ? 

I am and will always look forward to be a man like Severus Snape and all the other boys should too ! 


Hey guys .. I’ve started this new category named “Quotesforlife” in which I will share my favourite quotes from books and movies and the lessons related to them. My mind is full of these lessons I’ve learned from a simple book or movie. Now , it’s time to see how many of you can relate to them !! 

And if you are a book or movie lover ( which I know you are !), correct me if I’m wrong about anything !!

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41 thoughts on “Severus Snape – The Man Who Kept His Promise

  1. I know you read my posts…the same question you asked regarding the Promise Day is the same topic I have had address in Haiku of 7 Days (5). By the way, now I had rubbed the dust on a topic I had written about Harry Potter series. Thanks bud for this post.

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      1. not to mention…can I ask the favor of re-editing the post with inclusion of my second part of the blog there? because I think it’ll give your question a different dimension…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ( sorry if I hurt someone here, It’s only my opinion on what I’ve been seeing..) after this and before starting of the next para. You can mention s’thing like you had read last day that you think apt for this…or s’thing like that


  2. Oh I love this ! I do believe if the promise is made with deepest of love — it can stretch thought he fabric of time crossing all dimensions of this world and the next!! 💞💖💕

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  3. I remember crying so hard at all these parts😭 still makes so sad. Alan Rickman was such a beautiful person even in real life.
    That was brilliant how you correlated the “I talked to my ex” memes with Promise Day to Snape being the man of his words.
    Amazing, amazing article❤😄

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Don’t give me any credit.. I’m just a frustrated single now, using my anger for good !😋 All the praise goes to one and only Snape for being such a gentleman !😀 Here comes a lovely thanks from heaven sent by him just for you 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Because supernatural stuff is more than natural and natural stuff is not ‘super’ for dreamers !! By the way, you are afraid of this stuff ! 😂😂 How cool .. “Gaur se dekhiye iss writer ladki ko jo khud banaye hue characters se darti hai, phir bhi logon ko darati firti hai”😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That first line was really good, actually! Wah wah!
        And hahaha! Nooo! I’m only scared of spirits 😭😭and I don’t write about them. I know I can write amazing horror stories but aatank nai falana chahiye yaar. I am team happiness and joy🙌😄😂😁

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanku thanku …Glad you are in that team !! Varna sari duniyaa me khatarnak angels ka hi aatank hota 😜 let it end here varna hamari faaltu conversations aise hi chalti rahegi 😂😂

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