A Dare, A Date, A Rejection And A Life Ahead … 

Sorry guys, I’ve been putting some of the personal matters recently but even I didn’t expect that these things would happen to me in such a short time..!!

In a short span of mere 6 months ,life has given me some really amazing surprises. Though some are good and some bad and some are even the worst but each and every one has taught me something special.

So, in a quick note, I’m going to decode the title for you !!

  • A Dare …

This one has sorted out my life. A dare of being on the stage for the first time, facing almost a hundred people including some of the best poets of the city and some words-hungry enthusiasts. Here I am delivering my first poem ( Though the picture is a little blurred, but believe me, the person standing there with a mic in his hand is the same guy writing this !) 

Being selected in top 10 was just a small part of what was going to happen within a few days after that !! And what I knew after completing that performance !!? 

  1. That I can write anything if I feel the things and I choose to do so , even a good poem !! ( because that was my first poem I wrote only for a competition.) 
  2. That there is still some huge crowd in this world to cheer all the inquisitive brains and sensitive hearts out there !!
  3. That just writing something you feel can do wonder that a ton of motivational videos or seminars can’t !! 
  • A Date 

I’m not gonna saying much about that, because I’ve already vented a lot in two empty cups .. But the interesting facts I came to know are…

  1. That it needs more than a pretty face to connect with someone. Actually, good looks is not even a parameter when you talk about connection. It all starts with a good brain and shared interests and ends with that only !!
  2. That how it feels after being loved back !! But to achieve that feeling, you have to make the first move if your crush is not doing the same !
  3. That there is no perfect time to ask someone out. In our busy lives nowadays, the quicker is the better ! And nothing is more regrettable than a missed moment ! 
  • A Rejection

This is the latest !! Sorry guys who cheered for me and wished me after the last post here, and I really appreciate your interest in my unusual life but there’s a bad news for that !

Apparently, I knew she would mostly say ‘no’ because of some common reasons, but I did it confidently as I had to save my mind from being ruined by her continuous thoughts and this time, I did it without fumbling !! 

And as it happens, yes.. I’m a little bit sad ( but not depressed !), listening to my fav.playlists ,spending time with some good friends, reading some good books since that moment and trying to make something fresh with my guitar !

And why not ?! that was my first rejection after all !! But from that, what I’ve realized is..

  1. That nobody is perfect..not you and not the one you’ve been crushing but somehow you shoud embrace your imperfections and try to find the person who shares same imperfections with you !
  2. That you might be a dream to someone and a nightmare to the other..someone loves you back and someone not but life goes on ! At the end what matters is how much you accept and love yourself !!
  3. That how it feels after being rejected by the one you actually care for !! ( yes, now I totally understand the breakdown of a friend whom I rejected once )  

And these all were my first times and all happened within last few months. The same person who was a confusion himself before that, now has a direction, a passion and some experiences and yes, some really good fellow bloggers appreciating my hobby.

Thank you again guys for reading and encouraging me through this ..


62 thoughts on “A Dare, A Date, A Rejection And A Life Ahead … 

  1. First of all, big congratulations for the opportunities you’ve got! It’s amazing to see a soul like you faring well. Yay!

    Regarding the.” rejection” part, I just want to say that although it may seem terrible right now to not have someone you’ve dearly liked but sometimes it is for the best. The universe doesn’t give you what you want but, it gives you what you need so, be patient and embrace whatever life is throwing your way because one day you’ll be thankful for everything it has given you!

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    1. I completely agree Anaida and actually one thing I’ve missed in post is that I learned one thing about life : “It Goes On” .. and with the fact that there are many more opportunities and surprises are waiting for me, I still hope for the best ! I’m totally focusing on polishing the gifts I have now and there’s nothing more overwhelming than receiving such warm words from you today ! Thank you so much 😄


  2. On the bright side, your life is eventful!
    It must be hurting bad though, but I think, there sure would be better things for you planned and hence this was not supposed to work out. The pain will subside eventually and I wish you the best for that and everything.
    Also Woah, congratulations on all the achievements. Also gaining a direction in life is like the best thing because it feels weird and pointless and tiring otherwise.
    Rest you have yourself realised what we would have otherwise written so keep going with that. P.s – you should really be proud of yourself Mihir, you are doing super great here in such a short time😄🙌

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    1. Yeah.. It hurts and it should be ! But the pain isn’t any nearer to the level of love and happiness I have gathered till now ! Writing all these have made me a better person and receiving good words in return has made me a better blogger 😃 I’m totally proud of myself as I am the only student in my college having a blog and now they are going to make me the head of the literature committee for annual function. In short, I have much more to explore and you know how much I appreciate your remarks as you’ve been a part of the first great conversation I’ve had on this blog and it was much needed at that time. Thank you would be too short for your kindness 😄💕

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  3. OH God. Mihir. This is was such a nice article to read. Thanks for sharing your life with us! And go through your remaining life in the same manner. I am so proud of you and the way you handled your rejection.

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      1. I can totally understand you, Mihir. Why are you thanking me? I love to read what you write. 🙂
        The purity of your heart always shines through your words.

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      2. That’s why I’m thanking you !! Before a few months, I had never thought someone could ever understand me and while saying this, I’m totally honest. But after being recognized and appreciated for my words, heart and brain..there’s no excuse for me to not thank the persons including you to understand me 😃

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    1. Do it Karen. For once and all, find and gather all of your courage and just have yourself on the stage. I swear you won’t regret what will follow that ! I was too nervous, actually I was shivering as hell but look at the picture, it all goes away when you start speaking your words 😃👍

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  4. Mihir,

    I’m so very proud of you for taking that giant step of bravery and risking the rejection. It’s commendable as some would never put themselves out there. And all this rejection means is that either she is not the one or she is just not the one right now, ya dig? 🙂 Who knows, maybe someday? Or maybe not, but either way, you took the risk, so bravo!

    Realistically, as I’m sure you’ve probably thought of, there will be more rejections in the future. So, look at this as the first one you got out of the way. Now you can handle future ones with ease and the pain will eventually drift into disappointment…the disappointment gets downgraded to slightly disappointed as each rejection in life brings personal growth and self-awareness.

    We all face rejections but it’s how we handle them that helps define our character! I would just say, you’ve set an amazing example of how to handle a rejection with class and dignity, even while feeling hurt by it. Not everyone is capable of this. When some people get rejected, they lash out with anger and vindictiveness. This causes hurt and unnecessary pain.

    You did not do that (NOT that you ever would!) and that is a wonderful example. I am so proud to call you my friend.

    Now drive on! There is a beautiful woman out there who is perfect for you, perhaps just not at this time!




    1. How kind of you to spare some time to comment for me !! Yes, I too believe that there’s a long road for me to travel and some beautiful trees are going to be there for help and who knows if I can finally find a tree where I can sit for my whole life wishing nothing but some shelter to keep my soul going !! Wooh.. I had some great conversations today..who would expect that on the day of rejection !!? Thank you again just me for visiting my blog. Good night 😄

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  5. Being vulnerable, that is where the magic lies to me. Yet it isn’t such an easy thing to do. But you did it ever so brilliantly. By the way, congratulations on delivering your first poem on stage, that is such an achievement. I might one day find the courage to do so too.

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  6. I admire your fresh perspective!!! Its so thrilling to see others step out of their comfort zone…as for your poetry; I love to read it… Your creative by heart and that’s what makes your post lovely to read!

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  7. Don’t call it as rejection. That feeling you had for her is beautiful and just move on without developing hatred. Your heart definitely can fall in love again and next time for the right person. Good luck again

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    1. I totally agree with you and I’m completely moved on. Yes, now my heart is all empty and I can use it for myself, for my passion ! Now, a piece of my heart is shouting from somewhere at bottom trying to tell you a big big thank you for giving your precious time here ! 😄 Stay blessed Jeni 👍😃

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