Thank you guys ..

I don’t know if I should do it or not but this happiness that has just been ignited in my heart after seeing this wonderful message… I can’t resist to write .

It’s been just 10 days since I joined this world and today, I got this notification !!

This is special to me because I never thought that I can write ( I still don’t think !) I have decided to write my heart and that’s all ! But this community is addictive and so are the people of blogosphere !! 

Let me start with this… so, I had tried wordpress before but after getting nothing from that , I logged out after one month and decided to never return to this. But somehow, destiny had the other plans and I wrote my first article Take your broken heart and make it into art in which I wrote all what I felt ( it was my innocent try at writing with all of my heart ).

And I guessed I will show that article to my friends and they will read and acknowledge and my life will be going as it was !! And I followed and liked some writers for their wonderful posts.

But to my surprise, I saw a beautiful comment by twinklingwords that day. And I was awestruck.. literally flattered by her words and what was more interesting was that she read it , appreciated it and wrote a full paged comment that she could relate to it…and now my perspective has changed.. after conversing to her through comments, I knew that there are some people who have same hearts beating inside their bodies just like mine and they all are very supportive when it comes to writing.

And what more can I say about twinklingwords… she welcomed me in this world that I can never forget and it’s something that will remain with me for a long long time … She taught me that expressing our true feelings to someone can be a greatest pleasure for our souls no matter if we know them personally or not ! ( Hearts are all the same ) Being a writer to poet to an exceptional storyteller .. she is all her heart..Now, don’t judge me guys for appreciating her this much..she deserves more !! You can check her blog here.


And there are these beautiful people Anamika  Jotish poetrummange dreamchaser oldsoulwrites sumitofficial sangbad  Just me Jen and other wonderful bloggers who crafted my blog with their wonderful and inspiring comments.I love how this community actually reads and appreciates fellow writers. I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me in my initial days.

You are thinking that I am reacting a little more than I should but I accept that I am sensitive . I am vulnerable. I respect emotions. And I never forget those who respect my emotions.

only one thing is coming in my mind now ..

 The woods are dark,lovely and deep

But I have promises to keep 

And miles to go before I sleep 

And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost.

I have to slow down my speed for a few days from now because of my university exams but I will be reading all the amazing posts you all write. 

Thank you again guys for your love.! Stay connected and keep spreading good vibes.


30 thoughts on “Thank you guys ..

      1. Hahah … I totally understand .. That’s why your name is “Just Me” !! But whatever it is are doing great and I would like to see more from your blog in future 😃and yes, I’m shy too !! 😄

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  1. You deserve all the love! And don’t ever doubt yourself as a writer ( though I know you won’t!😁😝) because I’ve read your poems and after reading them there’s no way one can deny the fact that you write quite exceptionally well! So keep it up! And CONGRATULATIONS!!😁

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  2. Congratulations and super congratulations. That is a huge success, seriously. Wow😄😄

    Now, Omg!!!! Mihir, thank you soooo much, I can’t believe this, there are so many things I want to write again but then this will become longer than your post!
    How very kind and generous of you dear Mihir for showering such kind and beautiful words on me. You have any idea how happy you’ve made me? God, thank you yar!
    I know why you left the first time and felt like doing it again, I was there in 2016, but I came back in October last year and decided I wanted this to work because I also realised like you this coukd become more than a one sided interaction as there are people who love writing and art and love encouraging each other. Thereby helping each other grow in every sphere. So I worked on my posts and started looking out for such people, so lucky to found many including you.
    Thank you for following my blog, My encouraging comment might have sparked your interest again here but it’s all your work that has got you all the success. Remember I had told you, you’re far too talented and will be very successful here. And am so happy for you.
    Thank you once again and congratulations!
    I wish you have many many more reasons to celebrate here and otherwise.😁😁
    All the best for your exams. 😄😄

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  3. congrats man…. you have a great blog…. and your works are great, you deserve this…. i want to also say a big thanks to you because of your participation in my blog…. i appreciate your efforts, stay blessed

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