That Moment (Poem)

It was mesmerising to witness 

That born affection in her pearly eyes

As if I had uttered a lasting spell

Gently pushing her to twirl in a dreamy sky 

Some simple similes and a few rhymes 

That had made her stilled shadow swing 

For me that was the very moment 

I knew that poetry was indeed my thing !!


That was mine , what is yours !? 😋
copyright©2017 All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “That Moment (Poem)

    1. Yeah, thank you and thank god it happened before my graduation .. it changed me from introvert to ambivert as I’ve started performing open mics and damn that attention you get after that 😍😍 I always thank almighty for giving this blessing ! And you should too coz it’s also your thing !😃

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      1. I’m so glad it did and wow that’s amazing you do open mics! I would never have the courage to that I guess. Hahaha getting attention for your talent is the best feeling😁😁 Yes I thank the Almighty too for all this as much I can. Thank you for your kind words.

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      2. I must recommend you to do open mics .. I was literally shivering while my introduction and speaking all the opposite of what I planned but as I cracked a joke unintentionally and audience laughed .. it gave me that courage to finish my poem but what follows afterwards makes a permanent mark on your personality.. Try once😄

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    1. First ..a hearthful thanks 😃 And second.. that open mic was in my city vadodara held by “imlijimli” .. you can find it on facebook page of same name ..So they were finding new poets and my friends sent me online application form as they knew I love to write but problem was that I never had written a poem before that so when I first heard , I ignored that but something inside me was against that decision and I don’t know how but one morning , I sat in solitude thinking about all of that and suddenly I said to me ,” I have to do it ..I don’t want to be average .. I am not fit for one personality.” And bang , after a half an hour and few edits..I had my first motivational poem in my hand..And then as described on previous comment , I sent it to organizers and it got selected in top 10 and rest is who I am now !! I can’t thank god enough for that morning.. 🙂 And then I did the same in my hometown surat and then I became a performer who a few months back was a complete shy and introverted guy 😄


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