If nobody is willing to join you on your dream journey , Walk Alone !!

Jodi tor dak shune keu na ase 

Tobe ekla cholo re.

Lines written above by Shree Rabindranath Tagore in bengali language mean that ..

 If you have got no company while going for a good deed, you should then walk alone on your path !”

What these lines really mean in our lives and how they affect us is something I learnt from my recent experiences. 

I’m talking here the day when I first made my mind to write for my happiness. I was inspired by a friend’s writing and just then I thought that how beautiful it would be if someone gets inspired after reading my article ??

I mean,whole of the time many random ideas and thoughts run in my mind and why not to share them with someone who’s willing to listen !! 

Next step was to choose a specific thought and then write. So, with a cup of coffee, a pen, a paper and my chaotic mind.. I started to surprise myself with my choice of words.

And after a whole night’s hustle and bustle of ideas and words on the platform of my over enthusiastic mind, I had this story ready to be published at next morning !! That article ,” Take your broken heart and make in into art” is here.

And then there was no question about my happiness..I mean, I was on the eighth cloud ( If it actually exists !) The main question was if people would like it !!

I use this word “PEOPLE” very often in my articles as I’m obsessed with them. Actually ,these poeple are the ones who mostly inspire whole of the creative world by their judging behaviour !

I went to my support system with my article in my one hand and my heart in the other one !!

But to my surprise, what I got in return is here..

  • “Really Mihir, an article.. who does that ? You are not a writer bro..” 
  • “You should read first my friend, exams are near..don’t loose your grip by doing this random work.”
  • “Bhai..writing ,writing…Kisne mere bhai ka dil toda …!!!!????” 
  • “Are you serious, and what you are going to do ? After some time, you will ask to publish your own book..is this a joke ..?”

And I was like,” guys , at least first read this and then judge !!” 

And they also denied to follow my blog as they thought I was daydreaming then !!

After getting this kind of response which I’ve never thought I would receive, I remember these lines written at start of this article which directly struck me in mind.

I decided to start alone, developing my blog no matter what they were saying to me. I had this support of internet with me. I searched all related stuff about blog developing as I didn’t know anything before then !! 

It was my second straight night. My eyes were heavy, mind was tired, face was down but still there was something shining in my heart, it was this little joy of doing something I have always wanted to do and as I was doing it on my own, there was an adventure like feeling running inside my veins !!

And what followed after publishing it on this blog is an overwhelming tale. Suddenly, I’ve come in contact with you amazing bloggers and artists who can melt any feeling in shape of words and any incidence into poetry !!

But what would be the whole story if I didn’t work for two nights on my article ? What would be the whole scenario if I had chosen to quit after meeting my friends? 

Then I would not have this amazing feeling inside me making me write down this motivational article !! Then there would be no mere change or progress in my life !!

Key points  :- 

  • If your mind says you are ready and heart says you are okay, don’t listen to the outside world. They are already confused enough because of their non productive lives .
  • Follow your intuition, no matter what the world think of it.
  • If your goals set you apart from your friends, kindly choose what really matters to you in long run.
  • Do it for the sake of your happiness, not for others’ opinions.
  • There’s no better friend than your passion that drives you to thrive and not to mere survive. Always work for your passion !

After all, a famous poet once wrote 

Two roads diverged in the woods 

And I chose the one less traveled 

That has made all the difference !

 Share your thoughs about this article..I’m keen to converse !! 

copyright©2017. All Rights Reserved.


33 thoughts on “If nobody is willing to join you on your dream journey , Walk Alone !!

  1. every word has been honestly uttered from your heart. Yes , its true , go behind your passion whatever it takes and never listen to dumb people around you. Because no one cares at the end. Everyone is busy about their life.Have a great journey lead by words as swords.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you brother for stopping by and giving this kind of appreciation.. It really means a lot when a writer encourages a writer !! And yes, we both are using words as swords and will do it till we can 👍👍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that you could relate to the post.. I often found my motivation while being in solitude and walking on these alone paths and from the same I found this idea to share this and motivate others.. I’m glad you could relate to the post .. Thank you and keep spreading good vibes as I always ask my friends 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mihir this is an amazing write…. very inspirational…
    sometimes i see that the people i call friends never try to support me…. so i gave up on them… the only people i have that is giving me their support are my family and all of my word press followers and those that i follow….
    Your joy will always be full when you achieve it alone…. thanks for sharing this great piece… stay blessed

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is absolutely true Prinxy. People may call this a virtual world but the amount of motivation and appreciation you get from this community is beyond their imaginations. And we shall never forget that after all we all are humans, having a heart beating inside us. We may be oceans apart but our words can motivate others instantly. And perhaps we could make someone’s day !! As you’ve made mine 😄 Thanks a lot for reading. 😃


      1. great writer you are…. i never thought Word Press is a Place i will spend my Precious Night Time reading posts and comments…. they are very interesting…;. am a kind of person that love learning, i may not be perfect to the World but am a King in My World…. “””We may be oceans apart but our words can motivate others instantly”””… i love this line of yours…. the people i have met here on WordPress, i am proud to say everywhere i go that you all are amazing…. very special kind of people you can’t find in your physical world…
        thanks Mihir for your time to read and reply to my comments and moreso for your understanding… Have a Pleasant Day…Stay Blessed.

        Liked by 1 person

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