Urban Problems – When Fitness becomes a cause of bodyshaming !

“Dude.. Are you a freaking doctor ?” 

One guy from the gym was way more excited about my future recognition than myself !

“Not at this moment, friend ! But after a few years I surely will.” I replied maintaining my usual calm tone.

“So, doctor saheb !! How can you handle all this reading stuff and gym at the same time ?” He continued , ” I mean, don’t you get tired after reading all the heavy books ? I can’t even read a pair of pages at once !!” 

“Nope, in fact, gymming is quite refreshing for me. And I can meet people like you who would share same hobby and help me getting through this hell kind of workout.” 

“But still, I haven’t seen fit doctors for a long time now . They all tell us to be in shape but they forget to look in their mirrors in morning. I think it’s because you are in college nowadays that’s why you are doing gym. Afterwards it will all be the same just like the other doctors we see.” 

He punched directly in the belly of doctor’s fraternity all at once !! And he was somewhere right in his quotation. Not just him but I think that the whole community was speaking then.

That was a mere part of what I actually hear when I converse with the local public. And those exctra praise I get in the gym is all because of some of my fellow doctors who have set a record in surprising people by their not-so-healthy outlook !

And I don’t blame here any of the doctors or persons who was a target of that bodybuilder. I understand it’s very hard nowadays to work all the day and the same time to look after yourself when your family and bosses are all after you !!

I am blaming here the fake idea of fitness who’s fixed like an old chewing gum in our society’s mind. 

If a person has his belly protruding out of his shirt or his cheeks are hanging down the jaw , people tag him as “fat”. No one actually spares a minute to see if he has the same beautiful smile as he was having before or not !! 

And to my surprise, the more gyms are opening day by day which is a good thing actually , the more body-shamers are being produced at the same rate which is more than worse !

Few months before I entered my college, I was like a 70-72 kg boy, looking like a “fat” boy as people call it !

And now after a three years of gape, I am a 60 kg guy, and perhaps in the best shape of my life , I can now tell what actually the word “fitness” means ! 

In earlier days, after being diagnosed with a slight high blood pressure, I started taking my health seriously. Before that , I was a happy go lucky person who hasn’t been giving shit to any of the people calling me fat or fluffy.

But when it comes to our own future, we have to make a move before the nature does it anyway 

So, being an avid learner, I searched out all the related stuff about fitness and joined some conversations online to make my first move. And from diet to exercise, weightlifting to steady-state cardio, HIIT to tabata workout and yoga to meditation, I tried and tasted everything I could possibly dream !

And after all these years, being messed up with so many things, the results are in my favour as I wanted them to be !

But was it because I wanted to be lean for the society’s sake ? Or was it because I felt an urge to feel the happiness that I actually deserved but never sought earlier ?

This post is an answer to the people who still think that having a shaped body and a gym membership is enough to tease other people who choose to remain on the contrary side .

Being on both the sides for a long time and after observing many people in that way, what I’ve learnt is that,

Fitness is a constant feeling, not a mere shape !”

And having a muscular body has nothing to do with one’s confidence. It all comes from within when you choose yourself to be happy and healthy instead of judging others for not being the same !

Let the world be a wonderful place as it is by spreading only positive vibes ! Don’t choose to be fit because society thinks you should, Do it because you know you deserve that ! Aim to be in the best shape of your mind and respect others for their individual choices, too.



18 thoughts on “Urban Problems – When Fitness becomes a cause of bodyshaming !

  1. Totally agree, and can correlate first two para a lot with my experience, in a gym a doctor is a big thing for all, but my experience was not ppl concern abt doctors health but their concern about their health, was loaded with so many health questions by fellow ppl during work outs.

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    1. Yeah.. They give us reapect with a free package of lots of unusual and sometimes weird questions and I would completely okay with that.. Health questions are good but pointing fingers and tease others for not being in shape is something I can’t tolerate. By the way, I’m glad to meet a fellow doctor who loves to write.. I was alone here and in my college, there are very few avid readers ! Thank you for stopping by and reading this post 😃

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  2. Whoa! You are studying medicine and handling this blog at the same time. It so inspiring for me. (Even I am preparing for my Medical Entrance these days)

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      1. I am preparing for NEET 2018. And yeah I am from the state board.
        If you don’t mind, can I ask you in which institute you are studying medicine currently?

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      2. I’m in GMERS medical college, Vadodara city. You have a lot of time if you are aiming for a good Institute. Let me tell you that after spending 3 years in mbbs , I can only say that this is not a mere field to graduate, this is a chance to develope relations and embrace humanity ..with the ones who really need us !

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      3. And how is your experience of studying medicine? I really am in love with the subject and I am not doing it for the sake of it. And the clearing this exam would give me the opportunity to learn this subject deeply and from great professors. So, if you have any advice please go do tell.

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      4. Studying medicine is hard .. hard as hell but if you are loving human bodies want to explore then it’s the best pleasure you will have… first of all you have to embrace that you will not be having that time to go at as many fun parties or to spend on social media stalking at random boys as your other friends will do !! But what you will have instead is the kind of knowledge and respect that nobody will be having ! My experience is very pleasing and comforting at the same time. I’ve found myself and my passion in these years .. what better could have been done than that ??

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      5. I am so happy to hear this! Like all this time the only thing I have heard being a girl, that it takes a lot of time of your life and you have to study so much and all other negative things. And you know how it is around here being a girl and aiming so high? It was always so demotivating. But, thank you for all those encouraging words.

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      6. Pleasure is all mine ! I know girls are more exposed to these type of negativities but I have so many friends (girls) who are staying at hostels, doing all the hard work, getting more marks than some of the boys and living their individual lives happily at the same time !! You shouldn’t worry.MBBS will take your years but it’s all worth spending that much of time for the sake of knowledge and respect you’ll get 😃 Best of luck for the preparation.. go for it 👍

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  3. This is an interesting article. You have rightly said that most doctors are not fit. The reason may be that they don’t get time.
    Many other people can’t manage to go to gym because of their busy schedule.
    At this blog you can find all tje relevant stuff on how to get fit without visiting gym. Here is the link: https://pinkpandagym.wordpress.com

    You can find videos and blogs on how to keep yourself healthy without going to gym.

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