Dear Life … 

Dear life , 

There was a time 

You weren’t this rude ,

That you had no such intentions

Towards me to delude 

But it all changed 

When you opted to obtrude

The cursed moments of yours

Straight to my soul

Stongly wanting to intrude.

Dear life,

I must tell I was broken

As much as my heart,

That there wasn’t any joy left

You had torn it all apart,

But my soul was still intact

Pushing me for a fresh start,

Leaving me wondering 

How much creative the almighty is

For making this little art !

Dear life, 

Here I am, again,

Staring straight at you ,

To remind you that 

Your curse wasn’t all true

That I passed that hurdles,

Now it’s a crystal cLear view

That you made all this possible,

So just , Thank You !


36 thoughts on “Dear Life … 

      1. Agree 🙌 it’s quite interesting when some avid strangers get connected by same thoughts and passion and all appreciation you get is for your creativity and not looks 👌 a little mystery is mysteriously wonderdul ! 😋😀

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      2. Yes so true, exactly! In real life, you mostly can’t ever once let out this side of yours other than creative forums because people often get bored, they’d rather die listening to Yo Yo’s filthy songs than ever once have a meaningful interaction.
        Yous got it so right, mysterious is what I was after!

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  1. What a delight it’s been to read your replies !! The same happenes with me when I start talking about poems or books or art movies in my friend circle and that’s why I decided to start my blog. But what follows is that now I want to write more and more and find out how many word and poetry fanatics still exist like you 😃 And what a beautifully crafted blog yours is !!👌👌 Now, trying to match up with that is my #bloggoal2017😋

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    1. But see the thing is I’m not a total of anything, I love writing, art, books and music but it’s not like I want to discuss them or get their exposure all the time but atleast thrice a week I need to a have dose of something or it feels like life is draining out from me.
      But I don’t understand people who are superficial most of the time and “deep” conversations only involve things life their love life, boys, girls or ever since ZNMD – travelling. (Lol I might sound mean but this is coming from experience and somwone who always been a very good listener. I was hurt several times because of this, and it’s another reason why I stay shut as a person.)
      And I’m so glad and happy to see your enthusiasm, it has inspired me too certainly. And you can achieve more and far better, your writing is just amazing.
      Good luck. Phew that was a long comment, sorry about that!


      1. I’ve read in a book named “Quite” by Susan Cain that introverts are not arrogant or shy or self contained all the times, they are good listeners and only open to the people they trust the most !! And they are not antisocial at all, they just need a particular time to spend alone when they can free their minds to a whole new world of creativity.. you do share many qualities with that saying and so am I and for the sake of that, let these so called extroverts or socialists don’t ruin our brains with their nonsense talks !! Life is so meanful and we just need to explore it to find our unique place .. Now I’ve just made my longest comment so you don’t have to say sorry about that !! Thanks a ton and keep spreading good vibes 😃😄

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      2. Oh yes, I haven’t read that book but I read that excerpt in an Huff Post article. Yes, what she said is so so true❤ it’s so me and of course you too, otherwise you wouldn’t be responding with such enthusiasm.
        Yes, you’re so right, we need to explore it in our own ways, perhaps we’re already doing that.
        Same to you on vibes, have a great day!😀

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  2. The poem has something about it that everyone can relate to it , everyone who was strong enough to stand up 8 times when life out them down 7 times.
    Lovely works read them today.
    Best wishes for your future posts❤😃

    – Samridhi Dutta


      1. Haha..Two gujjus at the same place.. Aapde to WordPress ne pan moj karavi daishu ! 😉 And yes, you can email me for any help in future through my contact page.. I would like to hear from you 😃

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