Take your broken heart , Make it into art !

First of all , let we all bow down to the braveheart Meryl Streep for her latest golden globe award acceptance speech where she openly poured down her feelings and slamed Donald Trump for his not-so-noble deeds without blinking her eyes for a mere second !

Her whole speech was an inspiration for the creative community but what directly pierced my heart was her last words in which she mentioned all artistic people living in this world and quoted,

Take your broken heart and

Make it into art !

When we talk about a broken heart, first thing comes in our minds is breakups and the overrated relationship stuff. But is that all ? 

Small minds will stick to that only, but “a broken heart” here is a very wide term and hard to understand. Actually, one can’t understand it, only can feel !

Meryl talked about an incident when mr.trump misbehaved to a disabled journalist and how that scene broke her heart !

We all see that kind of situations in day to day life, we all feel that but we don’t try to remember that ! We all know what is going in our surrounding but we just ignore it because that is not our matter to concern actually !

There was a time when I used to get all these stuff and thoughts tangled up in my mind which I couldn’t forget easily. The more I tried to ignore them, the more it made me confused and depressed.

After a lot of going through that situation, one day I found a solution. A perfect solution to get away with all the good or bad stuff going into my mind and reflect that in real world .

A solution called “ART.” 

I still remember the whole night I had spent to write my first story on this blog. I had no experience , no vocabulary , no support at that time but what I had at that time was willingness to empty my heart and a pen and paper for a start.

And that was the night when I found myself while writing each and every word of it ! And after that , there was no stopping for me. Every time I felt down or cheered up , I poured it down on a piece of paper to free myself.

After a few days, when I was passing by a road after dinner , I saw a little naked child sleeping in his mother’s lap in a freezing cold winter night. And I felt something at that time. Something I couldn’t describe then but figured out it the next day.

And all that feelings that I’ve had in my mind, I noted it down and decorated in form of rhyming words and eventually, it became my best poem till date !! 

From the starting years of my teenage to this day, music is something I rely upon in my good and bad times. It gives me the strength to go forward every time I feel lost, it calms me up when I get confused and it becomes my best buddy in my happy hours.

And this connection with music lead me into learning guitar all by myself. The first time I held guitar in my hand, I didn’t put it down for 10 hours !! I don’t know how I managed to stick to it for that much long time but it just happened without knowing.

And after 10 hours, I mastered my first music theme. Something that my colleagues and friends couldn’t accept to happen with anyone.

The reason I’m writing all these is to tell you how effective and easy any work of art can be for any introvert person in this world who finds it hard to share directly with others. 

How many times in a day we see, read or feel the things that leave a deep scar on our hearts even after completely being vanished off our minds !? 

A child’s apologetic yet innocent smile when it gets a coin from a stranger after begging for a whole day, an animal’s teary eyes after not finding food for its little babies, a farmer’s agony of standing in the long lines outside of banks when no one is ready to buy his veges or a parent’s perdurable sacrifices to make his child’s future shine !

The purpose of art is washing the dust of  daily life off our souls.

So, the next time you feel that misery of not reacting to a particular thing, don’t hide it.

Pour it down on a piece of paper, mix it up in the form of rhyming words, craft a sonnet out of it, make it dance with you, paint it in your signature style, decorate it with a good memory, act your way out of it!  

As Meryl streep said ,” Take your broken heart and make it into art !!”

                                            – Mihir Trada 


21 thoughts on “Take your broken heart , Make it into art !

  1. I love the way you put your thoughts to words. I struggle with what I would like to share and what I would not like to share all the time, but the truth is our hearts lead us more often than not. I think I will follow your lead, write it all down and sharing can come later. Best to you here.

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  2. Wow Mihir! I’ve got so much to write here but it would be too long so I’ll try to keep it short!
    Meryl Streep’s finishing line is what I have been doing with my work too. Channeling my broken heart towards my work, and you’re so right introverts are blessed with this power to be fabulous artists because art is where they can open their heart. So why not use it for the better too other just for venting out, etc.
    And yes, it’s our way of making a difference in whichever we can, at least you are doing something about it rather than shutting your eyes to these harsh realities like they don’t exist because it’s not your problem.
    You write so beautifully, I found myself lost there. There was maturity, emotions, segments of your broken heart and wisdom.
    Thank you for connecting!

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    1. Pleasure is all mine ! The way you expressed in your comment gave me a glimpse of mine because I too can’t resist expressing my thoughts when I read or see something beautiful. I thought I’m alone of this kind but now you’ve just made my day😇 Thank you for this wonderful appreciation 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot for understanding Jeni !! You are doing the same as I guess because your creations are amazing and touch straight to a heart ! I can only say that this is my start and I met some wonderful writers like you who gives me inspiration to write everyday. And a request to stay connected .😃

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    1. Thank you sascha for your kind words 😃 I believe that vulnerability is the key of mental strength and a strong mind is the one which can harbour and nurture creative ideas ! .. You are very much right 😃

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    1. I am glad you visited, I’m moved that you liked it, I genuinely am overwhelmed that you could connect to my post ! That’s what art is all about.. to connect people directly through hearts .. Thank you so much for your kind words and stay connected 😃👍

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